PT (Physical Therapy) vs. GNM

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Adding other disciplines and therapists to the table will also exponentially add to the occlusal challenge since detailed feelings and sensations can be brought down to micron levels where most others involved outside of the dental arena will have very little clue and comprehension of such. It is clear that neck work, if done incorrectly, can throw off some ones bite stirring up the CNS (causing one’s teeth to come together in another manner where cusps and fossa are now colliding in ways that trigger further muscle tension response). So the cycle of pain and discomfort, stress and anxiety will continue if all who are involved in this level of detailed treatment do not understand these delicate, yet very important, G+NM occlusal principles, a need for accuracy, patience and precision. It will take time. Nothing will happen over night. Too many cooks in the kitchen will make things very complex.



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PT (Physical Therapy) vs. GNM