GNM is Not for Everyone and for Everything: Training and Understanding is Required

GNM is not the answer for everything and for everyone.

Although some doctors have come to OC for GNM training, some have not completed all the Level 1-7 occlusion training and or the Ortho 1-3 ortho /orthopedic curriculum. Even if they have finished all the curriculum it doesn’t guarantee anything.

  • The skills, knowledge, understanding and clinical experience will vary from doctor to doctor.

You have to make your own decisions, educate yourself and educate yourself as to whether the dentists you chose are qualified to meet your particular needs.

  • We don’t recommend anybody.
  • Please read this page carefully and understand what are the qualifications as well as what level of understanding any dentist has regarding the implementation and application of any concept including the GNM concepts.
  • Realize that different dentists have different skills, understanding, focus and different interests in their practices.  Some are more interested in doing restorative procedures, while others rather do orthodontic procedures.  Others may prefer to deal with occlusal and TMD problems.  Some are particular and others are not as particular.

GNM is a comprehensive approach that blends both gnathologic and neuromuscular principles together.  GNM application is only as good as the dentists who are trained and willing to be disciplined in the art and science of occlusion, the details and the specific applications required in addressing the various forms of TMD with sound protocols.

Just because a dentist has taken courses at OC, it doesn’t guarantee that every dentist is skilled, disciplined and able.  Most dentist who attend OC are typically experienced and knowledgeable dentists who are dedicated to help their patients. The same goes for any other curriculum taken and learned outside of OC’s trained.

Just because a dentist comes to OC to learn GNM, it doesn’t mean they have mastered all 7 levels of occlusion, K7 instrumentation and 3 levels of orthodontic curriculum.

OC is a life long journey of learning and perfecting one’s skills and understanding in the three (3) disciplines of dentistry with high standards which sets the bar high for many!  The OC curriculum is not designed to be easy and simple for every dentist.  It is designed for those dentist who are serious student who desire to progress beyond the common and become the masters of the trigeminal system.

All GNM clinicians who come train at OC are in training and are dedicated to perfecting their skills, diagnostic abilities and treatment capabilities beyond the norm.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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GNM is Not for Everyone and for Everything: Training and Understanding is Required