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Why dentist find TMD treatment difficult to do:

  • Very few of our colleagues have the skill, knowledge, and efficiency in treating complex TMD cases.
  • If the goal is to place as many orthotics as possible with the least amount of work possible, staff does everything but take the bite…doctors will face serious problems as some patients will not see the value (staff does it all) of this kind of work.

It can be summed up as:

  • I am sure the staff does everything……with their wire appliances and flat planes,the dentist does basically nothing.
  • No K7 is used which takes up a lot of time to run the diagnostics they think…
  • No real bite to taken technically, because they guess the bite registration….,
  • No micro adjustments to make the splint or orthotic feel right and comfortable in the mouth…..
  • Some dentists just simply promote the MRI’s and sell more appliances and when it doesn’t work……
  • Off to the only oral surgeon in the world so eventually they can say……”well, we did all that could be done”.
  • There will always be the disgruntled and frustrated patients who think dentists are only in this for the money.  Just like there will always be lots of people who want something for free……it is human nature.

Let’s face it, other than stubborn and tunnel visioned,  some dentists are actually just lazy and don’t have the desire to be disciplined – Thoughts of a wise observant dentist on the east coast (GY)

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Excuses Excuses Excuses