OC Teachings Uphold Both Gnathic and NM Principles


Occlusion Connections (OC) teachings are recognized by many NM K7 dentists in North American, Japan and abroad. OC teachings and upholds particular principles and clinical protocols that blended both gnathic as well as neuromuscular concepts called GNM. OC also acknowledges Myotronics technology – K7 kineseography and the J5 Myomonitor TENS.

Myotronics is the leader in instrumentation and is recognized and accepted by both the FDA and ADA for the science and validity of these tools as aid in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD. Myotronics has 1000’s of dentist all around the world who use these technologies including universities that do research with these instruments. Instrumentation need not demonstrate clinical success. It just needs to demonstrate its accuracy and ability to do what it does, measure accurately. And Myotronics K7 does exactly that. That is why it passed scrutiny of the evaluating committee of the FDA and ADA.

It is the clinicians that must demonstrate success based on objective measurements NOT based on subjective assessment saying that the patient says things are comfortable and the patient says it feels great. Demonstrated success should be validated with objective data and scrutiny proving whether: 1) physiologic rested states of the patients muscles have been achieved during therapy, 2) healthy functional states of the masticatory system have been achieved like – mandibular range of motion (full range or is it a restricted movement after treatment? The quality and speed (velocity) at which a patient can open and close their mouth to a terminal contact position without slow downs or guarding their bite. 3) Reliable and precise evidence should be demonstrated as to whether joint sounds have been remedied, occlusal balance has been achieved on a proven an isotonic path of mandibular closure. Not based on the patient and doctor willy nilly assuming where ever the patient bites their teeth together that must be the spot and jaw position.

In short GNM acknowledges measured parameters to which any clinician who treats TMD problems should be able to:

  1. Prove accurately and definitively how the patient’s muscles are doing?
  2. Is the patients jaw position accurately placed and functional in a physiologic manner and last,
  3. What is happening with the jaw joints and sounds.

All these parameters are addressed and acknowledged by GNM. Now it is up to every treating clinician to determine what level of success they can objectively verify.  You can look up http://www.Myotronics.com for more information as to its scientific standards of credibility.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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OC Teachings Uphold Both Gnathic and NM Principles