Flat Plane Splints: Is It Really That Great?


I believe is that the mandible will not hold in a proper AP position with a flat planed splint when there is spastic hypertonic muscles. When the mandible pulls back the joints will decompress slightly which is less than optimal.

The profession uses flat splints because they think it is easier to managed and adjust because most dentist don’t have detailed adjusting skills. Neither do they know how to find an accurate and precise mandibular and joint position that meets the patients needs…so the flat plane splint supposedly is use to let the mandible roam around and will to search for the position themselves…when the dentist couldn’t find the right position…so no matter how accurate you land the marks on that day of adjusting, it may not be the same jaw position as the mandible relaxes.

More time is spent and the patients get frustrated.


– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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Flat Plane Splints: Is It Really That Great?