Guaranteeing a Result vs. Prognosis of Cure or Treatment Outcomes

“Guaranteeing” someone a result or specific prognosis, such as a cure or other outcome is considered grounds for a medical malpractice within the medical and dental community according to some law firms and malpractice insurers. That is why dentist don’t guarantee. As compassionate and optimistic human beings, “we want to believe in the validity of a guaranteed statement for ourselves or for loved ones. However, not only is it not practical, it may also be harmful to move forward with such assumptions.”

  • Guaranteed means to provide a formal assurance or promise, especially that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction. But we know in life and health matters there are no guarantees since there are multiple and variable factors involved…different than a manufactured product goods of sales that can be guaranteed…but not in dentistry.
  • Medical prognosis is a prediction by a medical professional of the future course and/or outcome of a medical condition, including a possible result, such as recovery. A medical or dental prognosis can be given whether good, fair, guarded or poor based on sometimes a constellation of factors presented. But it is no guaranteee.

At the medical prognosis level, it is an educated guess as to the outcome for the patient.

My encouragement to all is, “If in doubt, don’t proceed”! Educate oneself on these matters of TMD and all the various proposed methods of treatment. Look and understand the philosophies of treatment. Does it make sense for your case?. Don’t go just by what “literature says”. Don’t go by fancy pictures and diagrams or videos that market a way of treatment. Also understand the politics behind the scenes and understand what is the agenda of focus….there is a lot of factors a plane in the TMD arena…also understand the heart and focus of those who are providing the services. Many dentists today have has something to “sell” or offer as to their services…but you have to ask yourself, “is this right for me and is it worth it”?

Be informed and Beware.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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Guaranteeing a Result vs. Prognosis of Cure or Treatment Outcomes