Advice to TMJ Patients Regarding the GNM Dentist?

The GNM doctors in general very passionate and sincere. They are not the run of the mill fast in and fast out kind of operators. They take their time, they are methodical and really want to do the right thing. Be patient with your doctors. They are trying their best to help you. Ask the right amount of questions, but don’t go over board, because it can turn any dentist off. They want to treat and get a positive result just as much as you do. At last the GNM doctors measure, assess, re-assess, TENS and understand micro occlusal contact adjustments. They aren’t guessers!

Other pointers or suggestions from the dentists point of view that should be considered are the following:

First of all, respectfully, pay their fee. There is a reason why GNM doctors charge what they do. We are not hear to sell or market some fancy kind of dentistry. We desire to do things to the highest standard and understanding we understand and know how. Fees are part of a treatment process. Those who don’t value their treatment will not pay it anyway. People pay for what they value. Naturally we all want cheap and free. but in TMD work that is near impossible. The GNM dentist all know it is a ton load of work to treat TMD pain problems and it is always more complex then what is presented on any FB forum.

It is good to ask questions, especially informed ones so you better understand and visualize what is going on regarding your treatment. Don’t every take things for granted. A dentist’s answer needs to make sense to you. If it doesn’t it should be questioned.

If you are ever in doubt you shouldn’t proceed with anything.  You have to be comfortable with what is happening. Be honest with your dentist. Tell them what is going on. Don’t try to trick or fool your GNM dentists or try to test them (some patients try to do that).  Dentists are smart and understand human beings pretty well.

Another thing:  A word to the Facebook Patients

Facebook patients tend to be very open and voice everything that goes on with their cases on these forums. Dentist don’t have that liberty to talk about everything openly re: things that goes on with their patients behind the scenes in the operator during treatment, etc. Because of HIPPA laws and patient doctor confidentiality dentist are compelled to abide by these rules and laws. Patient are not compelled by HIPPA rules and confidentiality licensing laws when on the internet, so it is often a one way street on the internet. Patient often forget that, so they talk and share things very openly and typically it is one sided. Sometimes dentist wish they can share the other side of the same stories if they could, but because of their license of care they are constrained and don’t do so. Dentist often end up taking a beating on forums when we all should realize there is another side of the presented issues. We all need to be respectful of our dentists. Some dentist don’t even come on these sites because of these issues. You are a very reasonable person and so are GNM dentists.

I wish you well in your treatment. It is not easy for TMD pain patients nor for any dentist when treating these kind of complex problems.  Much prayer and grace is needed on both sides for a win win situation.

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Advice to TMJ Patients Regarding the GNM Dentist?