Does Occlusion Really Matter?

So dentist change, modify, remove, reposition and redo and don’t realize how it effects body function and posture of their patients. They think teeth are teeth (the focus of dentistry), muscles are muscles, separate entities, but they really don’t care about them (only academically, but not practically since they don’t seen them on radiographs….so in essence they don’t exist in the minds eyes of “REAL” dentistry)….SO dentists continue focusing on perio, gum tissue, TM joints, teeth, cosmetics, implants, crowns, fillings, root canels, etc. and deal with what is present or missing. …and whatever they have learned and heard from the dental industry that they can sell to their patients is what is the focus of today’s care. The dental industry doesn’t have a product to sell muscles, neither a produce to sell “occlusion”, or how to fix “bites”… so those things don’t really matter to dentists, since they can’t really get their hands on them directly….so they move on to the next fancy topic….articulators, facebows, CAD cam, amazing they are evening talking about airway and sleep? What else is next? Anything to avoid the topic of occlusion and being responsible for the damages and impairments they cause and not even realize it. Dysfunctions? What is that? Dental impairment…never heard of such….Next please! Sorry to sound so crude. But the facts.

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Does Occlusion Really Matter?