Fox Occlusal Plane Angulation Questioned

by Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S., M.I.C.C.M.O.

If the occlusal plane is flatter relative to horizontal due to slight upward head tilt what kind of occiput to C1 axis relationship would occur?  How would that effect head movements?

I had a wonderful conversation with a doctor who had serious interest as to my method of establishing the occlusal plane using the Fox plane.  He was analyzing a case I posted on our in the article/blog I posted titled, “What Angle is the Occlusal Plane Relative to Horizon“.  He couldn’t quite envision the root angulation and position of my articulated mounted case.

So I decided to post the finished ceph to show the actual root position of the “actual” case.  He was worried that I had atlas/C1 restrictions in my finished case.  The patient has excellent range of motion (side bending, flexion/extension and side bending).  See the actual radiographs confirm that the patient has normalized occipital-C1 space (no restricted).  This Occiput to C-1 is well within normalized limits with an unposed angled occlusal plane as nature intended.  Remember form follows function.  Also note the root angulations, occlusal plane orientation and head postion as they relate to a level horizontal.
One cannot look at models and assume roots are out of line as they relate to an unposed horizontal level head position.  Patient is symptom free with no headaches, no neck aches and no TMD pain problems as previous.  Numerous cases have proven this.
Clinicians need to start get use to seeing what a normal occlusal plane looks like relative to a normalized head posture at horizontal level!
I know many can’t comprehend the angle of this occlusal plane mounting, since flat has been considered normal among some occlusal teachings and philosophies…..A new perspective and understanding of wha is “Physologic” is needed!

Lateral Ceph taken after final restorative was completed at optimized mandibular position.  Note occlusal plane and normalized level head position unposed at time ICAT image (raw) was taken.  Occlusal plane in the mouth is the same occlusal plane angle as articulated cast mounting above.

I know I have a reputation of not knowing anything about Occlusal Planes…what can I say….I just don’t want to reproduce pathology if I have an opportunity to bring the human body toward homeostasis – health!
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Fox Occlusal Plane Angulation Questioned