Orthotics Don’t Lock in the Breathing Bones

Over the years of practicing dentistry I have learned many things, observed and realize that I don’t need to be the peacock with the longest feathers.

In the end it is best to be free of anxiety, envy and strife.

PERSPECTIVE: See the Bigger Picture

Orthotics don’t lock anyone in.  Muscles move bones, joints and teeth.

  • Measurements at all levels and disciplines is key for effective treatment.
  • If you manipulate and move bones then measure it.
  • If you treat muscles and relax them, then measure them.
  • If you treat occlusion then measure the changes and effects.
  • If you treat the neck and make changes, then measure those changes.

Then correlate all this data to the hard structures as well as soft tissue structures.

Then analyze what steps were taken to accomplish the goal of getting things balanced.

Then consider what are the minimal steps required to go from A to Z.  Implement only those steps that get you efficiently from one point to the other with the least amount of hassles and conflict.

We hang on to things (ideas and concepts) that sometimes limit us from keeping things simple.

I feel comfortable, safe and confident in what we all recognize as “Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing”.

No need to make things more complex.  Nature is not complex when it is allowed to grown, flow and move as it needs to.

The human body is a fluid structure.

  • Compression of anatomic structures is a model of pathology.
  • Decompression is a therapeutic model for health (flow and expression).

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV


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Orthotics Don’t Lock in the Breathing Bones