Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Makes a Cloudy Soup

RE: Chiropractors, ajunctive therapists and dental TMD treat

I soon realized that too many cooks in the kitchen of treatment makes a cloudy soup.  When a chiropractor believes that they are helping to unravel the cranium while the patient is in dire TMD restricted jaw pains and they keep disrupting things with good intentions I have concluded, it really creates confusion to the patient (CNS) and the treating dentist.  I don’t know everything, but I do know, that patients would rather be out of pain and live with some cranial distortions then have cranial distortions balanced and be in pain with a screwed up bite.

I have worked with many chiropractors of various backgrounds and trainings over the years. Some really great and some really bad.  They all had best of intentions for their patients.  Those who focus on AO and NUCCA seemed to serve my TMD patients well.  Those chiro’s who seem to want to dabble into the areas that affect what I do (like the occlusion, TM joints, and associated musculature), patients seem to routinely have a harder time in getting resolution, their treatment goes slower and it is by far more frustrating and costly for them. I have also observed when the chiro focuses on the body alignment and the dentist focuses on what they do best, it seems that the body including the cranial structures unravel nicely without a lot of disruptions and treatment delays for all parties involved.

Certainly everyone involved wants to help with good intent and for good rational reason.  But the body has a sequence and timing for each discipline to be involved in unraveling restrictions whether in the cranium, neck, lower back and lower extremities.  Trying to balance certain body part or parts at all at one time in a short period of time causes a lot of CNS disruption at the wrong time as the body is trying unravel things and trying to digest all what is going on within itself.  Yes, the body wants to be balanced and symmetrical head to toe.  But when various experts get involved with their expert disciplines in a wrong sequence of timing too quickly (before the bodies CNS is prepared for those changes and shifts) certain therapies and or adjustments can definitely throw a serious kink in the process and actually set back the unravel of nature’s functional matrix.  That is when things really get “locked in” and trapped.  The body needs to have ways to exit and eliminate unwanted energies and forces that are trapped within.  So imperfections in certain structural components of the body at certain times during TMD therapy to me is acceptable while the body is unravelling toward a homeostatic balanced state.  Eventually, the muscles, bones, cervical neck and teeth amazing align and the patient becomes stable, strong and optimized!

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV


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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Makes a Cloudy Soup