The Crowning Predicament of Most Dentist Treating TMD

What is so unfortunate is that most practicing dentist can’t wax up a single crown even if they tried, let alone a whole arch of teeth. It seems that most dentist do not know as much as lab technicians do when it comes to “adjusting” teeth and occlusion. IMO this lack of ability and understanding restricts their success in understanding TMD. No wonder there is so much confusion about TMD!

Lab technicians know the problems, TMD internet folks see and experience the problems and they all can only stand on the side lines and watch how the dentists often messes up what the lab technicians carefully prepared….when it doesn’t work in the mouth the dentist gives it back to the technician to fix and repair the mess that was created.

So who is really doing the dentistry…Dentists’s or Lab technicians?
Patient’s are confused.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV


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The Crowning Predicament of Most Dentist Treating TMD