In the beginning….

A fundamental need in dentistry is to have the upper arch of teeth fit the lower arch of teeth.  Without the ability of these two entities coming together in an unguarded manner masticatory problems arise.

Chan Orthotic and Green Occlusal Wax

<< Occlusal green indicator wax is used to identify topographical premature contacts in multiple dimensions.>>

Proprioceptive signalling responses will naturally occur via the fine motor sensory neurons of the trigeminal system and cerebellum that causes the muscles that control the positioning of mandible to react to premature contacting occlusal surfaces when imbalances exists.

Yet, when dentist can’t seem to find a logical basis (based on their classical dental training) to why a patient continues to complain about the existence of tooth aches, muscle pain and tension and or other “TMJ” disorders, they would rather simply pass off these problems as (fractured teeth, hypersensitivitive dentin, endondontic apical infections, periodontal, condylar disc damage and in others relate these seemingly unknown challenges as related to sleep breathing disorder.  For those patients who persist in their complaints and all the previous dental procedures have been tried and exhausted the TMD experts will then say these unsolved musculoskeletal issues are most likely related to emotional/psychological problems of stress disorders.

A trained GNM dentist should understand what is the next step…look for the un-obvious things that were taught at Occlusion Connections Levels 1-7 courses.


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