“Chan is so complicated and makes things complex”…Oh really?

8-Oct-14 12:58 AM

The validity of OC GNM teachings has also brought these advanced concepts down to a super simple level to meet the needs of those who really don’t yet feel a need to own a K7, use EMGs, CMS (jaw tracking) and or TENS on every patient who walks in our doors.

In order to make the OC concepts so down to earth and bare bones (super simple) and easy we all know and realize, based on our OC Level 1 teachings and principles, that we have made our teachings as unsophisticated and simple to begin with, yet sound in principle and concept.  To begin the OC GNM process we use a simple cheek retractor bite for starters to convey our message with out the sophistications of instrumentation. Every dentist can do that and correlate the musculoskeletal occlusal signs and symptoms in their clinical practice as a beginning screening diagnosis.

  • How easy, simple and super low cost is that?  There is no excuse to not do what OC is conveying for any dentist no matter what level of experience of dental practice.

Some dentist have been known to accuse us by saying that “Chan is so complicated and makes things complex”…Oh really?  Well how about cheek retractor bites using our Level 1 knowledge to diagnose and if you don’t have time and means in your clinical practice to TENS, then don’t TENS, just deliver the OC GNM orthotic without TENS and land the gears as per our initial instructions.

  • When taking a bite using the principles and concepts we teach for starters…one will see that we can’t get simpler than that!
  • Now that is as dummy proof as one can get in keeping things super simple and unsophisticated to help you all get a reasonable result in getting the cases going.

That is what I would do if I was fearful to TENSing and not sure about getting involved in computerized instrumention (yet the profession has no problems with investing into 3D milling technology)!

Just start doing something…get the PV Aquasil Rigid bite registration out and do as we teach in OC;s Level 1 and 2, etc. No complexity there.  The complexity now comes in when you start asking yourselves the questions.  One begins to start wondering about:

  1. Your bite registration technique?
  2. Will the bite registration arise to the level of sophistication of your clinical concerns?

Why it is possible for me to be super unsophisticated clinically when I want to be and get a result and at the same time I can also become definitely more sophisticated in my bite taking process and diagnostic approach based on the needs and situation that arises around me to valid my bites objectively.

Yes, I said you don’t have to TENS if you are so overwhelmed about TENsing, but just to get yourselves going follow our check retractor OC Level 1 teachings and use your understanding to capture a bite…and deliver the GNM orthotic we realize one has to start some where!

Now that is only good for starters…to get the OC GNM process going in your practice. (Don’t all got out and say that Chan doesn’t believe in TENS any longer and that you chuck the concept of TENsing out the door. If you do you will go to another extreme and miss something super important and valuable down the road as to your clinical success.  So take what I am posting in your context and understanding.

Once you feel comfortable taking the baby steps you can then bump up the game with low frequency Myomonitor J5 TENS and taking the Level 1 bites as we demonstrated in the courses.  After that you can then add the next level of delivering your GNM orthotics with proper occlusal adjustments using involuntary TENS with more precision.  Again, we all realize there are baby steps involved to get a certain level of result.  Later as you feel more comfortable and understanding (awareness) one can then add the K7 with TENS.

You see there are different levels and different stages that we can apply these OC G-NM concepts to meet the needs and time demands of whatever kind of practice one has and where one is at in their dental journey.  I am not so dogmatic as some may have you believe.  There are many ways.  But follow the concepts and GNM occlusal principles that I am sure will not lead you astray in order to get the results you are looking for.  It is important for clinical success!

Like I said, use and implement the “Principles” of OC and GNM.  That is more important than dogmatically trying to use the technology in a wrong way and wasting precious clinical time and not seeing a good reasonable result for you and your patient.

I always will endorse the use of low frequency J5 TENS and K7, because I know when it is used properly with proper micro occlusion techniques it will give a superior result.

  • It will take purposeful steps done properly to get the results one is looking for.
  • It takes time and training and being patient with yourself.
  • Moving from a routine everyday clinical practice to some idealized GNM OC practice is a journey and does not happen over night.
  • If you try to implement everything we teach too fast you will have “OC GNM indigestion” and if not constipation.
  • Be careful, stay on physiologic rest, be calm, don’t be anxious and take it slow and easy.

Now we have made it super easy for everyone….from super simple (nuts and bolts) not to super sophisticated in implementing the PRINCIPLES at different levels with science, objectively, logically and without being dogmatic about any one thing.

Your Time and effort is worth money.   Be practical!

~ Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Dentist, Las Vegas, NV

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“Chan is so complicated and makes things complex”…Oh really?