I am here to tell you the problems I see clinically, my perspectives, understanding, ….and what I do about it.

Today’s practitioner must distinguish his/her practice by becoming an expert in occlusion. It is essential for every dentist and anyone involved in dental health care to recognize the signs, symptom and parameters of healthy occlusion vs. pathologic occlusion.

Anatomic structures related to the masticatory system will be presented to orient the reader to know the causes of tooth wear, tooth breakage, and other factors that affect the health of patients. Key principles of occlusion are necessary to relate esthetic restorative, orthodontic and or TMD/Orofacial pain treatment with a proper diagnosis.

I will give insights how I do it and what I do about the things I see.

I hope the information you read will bring some light to enlighten and bless you.

Clayton Dentistry


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